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How to Get HSC Result 2017 Through SMS

The HSC result 2017 will be published at the last of the July 2017 and the information is verified through the trustworthy sources of the education board. This year almost 12,18,628 students having almost 6,54,114 boys and the rest of girls of the 8,305 institutions and of 10 educational boards attended the exam and the universities and also the other undergraduate institutions are eagerly waiting for the publication of the result as they need an exact amount of the passing students and also the eligible students quantity along with their accommodation to arrange a successful admission test to select the real talented one in various fields of the education system.
How to Get HSC Result 2017 Through SMSHSC Result brings a massive consciousness to the students attended the exam and also the result keeps a magnificent importance in selecting the undergraduate education scope for every student of the country. So there remains no chance to deny the necessity of the result and for a student it may bring pretty nervousness and also too much hesitation to check the result whether it is expected or not. Besides the checking of the result become a tough job for the students if they are compelled to check them in their respective institutions. The reason behind that is the gathering of the candidates in eventually in the small campus and the crowd to check the result within the shortest possible time. It may cause a great nervousness to the candidates and also to their guardians. And also the result list from the education board never contains the whole mark sheet or the total number gained in the exam which is definitely very important information on the educational system of our country.

Though the education board try not to publish the result through the other sources such as mobile SMS or the online result from various websites, in almost every year the candidates get the scope to know their results with almost full details and having their mark sheet mentioning the category and necessary information about the students. Almost every mobile operator tries their level best to find out the way to get the board results in the shortest possible time and also to inform them among the subscribers or the candidates. Though sometimes the process seems to be lengthy or boring as the response of the sources sometimes becomes very noisy and non effective, this is the shortest possible way to reduce the crowd of the checking of the list of results and sometimes become very trustworthy and most effective one as it may let the subscribers the latest and the complete details through the reply SMS.

So to get informed about the result, their may be no alternative to choose the mobile SMS process to have the result in reducing the pressure of the day. Though the SMS process are not published through the operators right now we are trying our level best to inform you the process of getting the result analyzing the previous process of the SMS result

In fact, almost all the operators throughout the country serve the same way to have the result. In our country, there are three categories of the participant and they are the general category, madrasha category and also the technical category and the three of the category need the various process of the SMS system and they are listed below-

HSC Result 2017 SMS Process

 For general category: HSC<>1st three letters of the board name such as BAR, COM, CHI, DHA, DIN, JES, RAJ, SYL for Barisal, Comilla, Chittagong, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Jessore, Rajshahi and Sylhet respectively<>roll no<>2017 and send to 17222.

For the madrasha category the process is as follows- Alim<>MAD<>Roll no<>2017 and send to 17222

For the category of the technical board
the process is as follows- HSC<>TEC<>Roll no.<>2017 and send to 17222

For sending the message to the operator you will be charged almost 2.50 TK including all the charge and VAT and the reply should come in time though the replay may be around an hour, even depending on the delay to find the data from the basic server and the process is so much easy to find out the result as soon as it should be.

This process of getting the result in the effective way is powered by the Teletalk education portal and is proven to get the correct result having the necessary information after a certain period of the publishing of the result from the educational board and also the process is proven to be 100% trust worthy and time saving.

Then comes the topic of something unusual or unexpected in the result sheet and there must be the solution to have a clear conception about the fact also. And that is the challenging system to the education board and the technology reduces the lengthy process of checking the paper being present in the board office or the related areas. And the process is also possible in the mobile SMS and process of challenging a result is given below-

At first you have to find the subject code of the subject for what you want the re-scrutiny And you have the ability to apply for even all subjects. You should have enough balance and for one subject that is 125 TK as subject fee as single and the double that is 250 TK for the joint subject fee. So for sending the SMS through the mobile you have to possess at least the mentioned amount or something more for the safety of the process. Then the SMS process is as follows-
RSC<>1st three letters of the education board (mentioned in the previous section)<>HSC Roll<>subject code For the joint subject code you have to use a comma between the two codes and that is as follows-

RSC<>1st three letters of the education board<>HSC roll no.<>123,456 (for example)

After that you will be charged almost 2.50TK including all the charges and then a pin number will be available in the reply. Then you should also reply in this way-

RSC<>YES<>PIN<>01XXXXXXXXX(contact number)

So that’s it and wishing a good luck to the candidates. Stay connected to the latest update.                        

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